Brian Friel

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Brian Friel
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Personlig information
Født 9. januar 1929 Rediger på Wikidata
Omagh, Storbritannien Rediger på Wikidata
Død 2. oktober 2015 (86 år) Rediger på Wikidata
Greencastle, Irland Rediger på Wikidata
Gravsted Glenties Rediger på Wikidata
Politisk parti Nationalist Party Rediger på Wikidata
Uddannelse og virke
Uddannelses­sted Ulster University,
Maynooth University,
St Columb's College Rediger på Wikidata
Medlem af Royal Society of Literature,
American Academy of Arts and Letters Rediger på Wikidata
Beskæftigelse Dramatiker, oversætter, sceneinstruktør, forfatter, politiker Rediger på Wikidata
Fagområde Drama, litteratur Rediger på Wikidata
Nomineringer og priser
Udmærkelser Tony Award for Best Play,
Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature,
Irish PEN Award Rediger på Wikidata
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Brian Friel (født 9. januar 1929, død 2. oktober 2015) var en irsk dramatiker, oversætter og teaterinstruktør, som er blevet kaldt den mest betydende nulevende engelsksprogede dramatiker. Flere af hans stykker er opført på Det Kongelige Teater med Ghita Nørby og Henning Moritzen.[1][2][3]

Referencer[redigér | rediger kildetekst]

  1. ^ Nightingale, Benedict. "Brian Friel's letters from an internal exile". The Times. 23 February 2009. "But if it fuses warmth, humour and melancholy as seamlessly as it should, it will make a worthy birthday gift for Friel, who has just turned 80, and justify his status as one of Ireland's seven Saoi of the Aosdána, meaning that he can wear the Golden Torc round his neck and is now officially what we fans know him to be: a Wise Man of the People of Art and, maybe, the greatest living English-language dramatist." (engelsk)
  2. ^ Canby, Vincent."Seeing, in Brian Friel's Ballybeg". The New York Times. 8 January 1996. "Brian Friel has been recognized as Ireland's greatest living playwright almost since the first production of "Philadelphia, Here I Come!" in Dublin in 1964. In succeeding years he has dazzled us with plays that speak in a language of unequaled poetic beauty and intensity. Such dramas as "Translations," "Dancing at Lughnasa" and "Wonderful Tennessee," among others, have given him a privileged place in our theater." (engelsk)
  3. ^ Kemp, Conrad. "In the beginning was the image". Mail & Guardian. 25 June 2010. "Brian Friel, who wrote Translations and Philadelphia ... Here I Come, and who is regarded by many as one of the world's greatest living playwrights, has suggested that there is, in fact, no real need for a director on a production." (engelsk)
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