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// Submitting a page, without changing the text
var NoChangesMsg    = 'Teksten er uændret, udfør?';
// If user opens a dialog before it finishes loading
var NotLoadedTryAgain = "You're too quick!  The server has yet to respond, click again.";
// User leave the tool without saving
var QuitWithoutSaving = "Navigating away will cause unsaved work to be losted";

// Edit Summary
// When adding templates such {{dn}}
var RequestHelpMsg  = 'Help needed: ';
// Link which were removed or unlinked
var RemovedLinksMsg = 'Fjerner link: ';
// Links which were fixes
var SolvedLinksMsg  = 'Flertydige WL: ';
// Number of links fixes, if above is too long
var SolvedCountMsg  = 'Disambiguated $1 links';
// Summary feedback link when commonfixes is active
var UsingToolMsg    = ' vha. [[tools:~dispenser/view/Dab_solver|Dab solver]]';

// Interface text
var TabRead     = "Vis";
var TabEdit     = "Redigér";
var TabHistory  = "Se historik";
var TabClose    = "Close";
var TabPrefixI  = "Prefixes";
var TabRedlinks = "Show redlinks";

// Server messages
// Database revision does not match page revision, usually caused by replication lag
OutOfSync = 'Alert the database is out of date.  See <a href="">replication lag</a>.'

// Link was not found in text, usually due to replication lag, see above
LinkNotInText = '\03{lightred}WARNING\03{default}: [[%s]] not found'

//Database temporarily down, usually not enough free connections
NoOpenConnections = ' Database operational error, retrying in 5 to 15 seconds.'

// Link not included because its transcluded from a template
LinkTranscluded = 'Disambiguation [[%s]] is transcluded from [[%s]]'

// No links to disambiguated (maybe cause by the above message)
NoLinksInText = "Der var ingen flertydige links fundet i teksten"

// [[link]]{{dn}}
dnTags = "[Dd]n|[Dd]isambig[_ ]+needed|[Dd]isambiguation[_ ]+needed|[Dd]isambiguate|[Aa]mbiguous[_ ]+link|[Aa]mblink|[Dd]isamb-link"

// Text removed for brevity
RemovedText = "%s\n<removed>%d lines hidden (%d characters)</removed>\n%s"

These are the strings for translation that I feel are unlikely to change in the near future (you can leave out the comments). Also, I do need to know if/how disambiguation differs and if you have any templates like {{dn}}.