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Taufik Rosman
Taufik Rosman

About me

I'm from Sabah, Borneo Malaysia. I am currently studying in Penang.

My work

I am member of Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia.

I am an admin at Malay Wikipedia. I mainly edit at Malay Wiktionary, adding indigenous language words of Sabah into it.

Contact me

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ms-N Pengguna ini ialah penutur asli bahasa Melayu.
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Users by language

Hi! I'm a travelling Wiktionarian from the Malay Wiktionary who helps add some Malay entries. If I'm getting the hang with your entry layout here, I'll try to add more Malay lemma in your Wiktionary. Please review the entry layout that I had made. If there's a problem or any enquiries, feel free to contact me.

هاي! ساي سأورڠ ڤڠمبارا ويکيقاموس دري ويکيقاموس بهاس ملايو دڠن منمبه ببراڤ ليما بهاس ملايو. جک ساي مولا ممهمي سوسون اتور دسيني٬ ساي اکن چوبا منمبه لبيه باڽق لاݢي. سيلا ڤريقسا سوسون اتور يڠ تله ساي بوات. سکيراڽ اد مسئله اتاوڤون سبارڠ ڤرتاڽاءن٬ تݢورله ساي.

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