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Gtk-dialog-info.svgThank you for participating in this community project, Edoderoo. (Danmark dansk)
We would like to give you the opportunity to be free and productive. Here are a few directions that might help you:

If you have any questions regarding this edition of Wikipedia, please visit our embassy.

Kind regards, Knud Winckelmann (diskussion) 20. jun 2017, 11:39 (CEST)

Bots[redigér wikikode]

Hi. Please remember to request a bot flag on Wikipedia:Anmodning om botstatus. There's also a lot of discussion going on regarding the use of Wikidata in infoboxes at the moment, so you might want to wait doing major work in that area. Regards Knud Winckelmann (diskussion) 20. jun 2017, 11:39 (CEST)

Right now I am actually testing low frequency edits, but I will ask a botflag once it makes sense. As I'm doing this task on request of User:Rodejong it might be good to loop him into this discussion as well. Edoderoo (diskussion) 20. jun 2017, 11:59 (CEST)
I think it'll be a good idea to hold off any edits regarding this, until this situation is cleared. Regards 20. jun 2017, 12:30 (CEST)(skrev Knud Winckelmann (diskussion • bidrag) . Husk at signere dine indlæg.)
@Knud Winckelmann: There is no problem here. It's not actually changes in Infobokses themselves, but just to parameters that fix the switch that is build in. Otherwise images, and other data will not be loaded from Wikidata. That has already been discussed Knud, and it's necessary due to the requests for a parameter that can hide unwanted data.  •   Rodejong   💬 ✉️ 20. jun 2017, 13:20 (CEST)

I'm trying to join the ongoing discussions on Brugerdiskussion:Rodejong#Robotændringer af infoboksparametre. --Madglad (diskussion) 20. jun 2017, 13:37 (CEST)

You don't HAVE to have a finger in each conversation Madglad. Sometimes you can leave that to others.  •   Rodejong   💬 ✉️ 20. jun 2017, 14:04 (CEST)
This statement has nothing to do on this page Brugerdiskussion:Edoderoo. If you, Bruger:Rodejong, want to start a diskussion about the fact that your actions are attrackting special interest from other Wikipedians, please find an appropriate place to do it, eg. on Brugerdiskussion:Rodejong. --Madglad (diskussion) 20. jun 2017, 14:50 (CEST)