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English: Mao Zedong 1963
Dato ca. 1963
date QS:P,+1963-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P1480,Q5727902
Ophavsmand неизвестный (unknown)
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nuværende9. maj 2019, 00:44Thumbnail af versionen fra 9. maj 2019, 00:44604 × 800 (56 KB)MarcelTheHippieReverted to version as of 15:01, 6 March 2019 (UTC) The photograph this file portrays is identical in this version, which also has a significantly smaller file size.
7. maj 2019, 08:56Thumbnail af versionen fra 7. maj 2019, 08:56533 × 710 (284 KB)YeenosaurusReverted to version as of 13:04, 9 December 2018 (UTC) A different print of image, upload as separate file
6. mar 2019, 17:01Thumbnail af versionen fra 6. mar 2019, 17:01604 × 800 (56 KB)FDRMRZUSAHigher resolution. Better quality image.
9. dec 2018, 15:04Thumbnail af versionen fra 9. dec 2018, 15:04533 × 710 (284 KB)Alza08Better quality
3. nov 2018, 01:25Thumbnail af versionen fra 3. nov 2018, 01:252.300 × 3.151 (882 KB)Aspíllagabetter quality
11. sep 2018, 13:50Thumbnail af versionen fra 11. sep 2018, 13:50533 × 710 (284 KB)Despacito ft. Luis FonsiReverted to version as of 10 January 2017 (The quality is far better, the cropped version is very low quality and the colour bleeds in many areas)
7. sep 2018, 13:56Thumbnail af versionen fra 7. sep 2018, 13:56220 × 261 (12 KB)Kingston, CAA color image was added with close and clearer dimensions and better than the old image.
10. jan 2017, 11:51Thumbnail af versionen fra 10. jan 2017, 11:51533 × 710 (284 KB)К.ЛаврентьевHQ
10. jan 2017, 11:51Thumbnail af versionen fra 10. jan 2017, 11:51533 × 710 (284 KB)К.ЛаврентьевHQ
8. dec 2016, 07:26Thumbnail af versionen fra 8. dec 2016, 07:26511 × 639 (59 KB)KOKUYOFile:Mao Zedong 1963.jpg cropped 36 % horizontally and 41 % vertically using CropTool with precise mode.

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