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Dokumentation for tilladelse[redigér wikikode]

Subject: Re: [Ticket#2007090210005391] Use of logo for poster at article contest
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 14:51:51 +0000
From: Wikipedia information team <>
Organization: Wikimedia
To: Simon van Studinski

Dear Simon van Studinski,

Thank you for your mail and for your request for permission to use the
Wikipedia logo.

You may use the logo as you outlined.

Good luck with the contest!

Yours sincerely,
Michael Bimmler

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Simon van Studinski wrote:

> Dear Wikimedia.
> As the logos of the Wikimedia projects are not under free licenses Ishall
> hereby request a permission for the use of Danish Wikipedia'slogo for an
> article contest (much like English Wikipedia's "Danny'scontest"). More
> precisely the logo will be used on a poster, which willadvertise and encourage
> people to participate in Wikipedia and thecontest. It is planned that the
> poster will be placed at University ofCopenhagen's Faculty of Science, as one
> of the the Danish contest'soriginators is a student here.
> Therefore the logo will not be used by Wikipedia, but forWikipedia in a
> non-commercial scope by a community member. The page forthe Danish contest can
> be found here:
> -- Yours sincerely,Simon van Studinskien: / da: User:EPO