Leslie Phillips

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Leslie Phillips

Personlig information
Født Leslie Samuel Phillips Rediger på Wikidata
20. april 1924 Rediger på Wikidata
Tottenham, Storbritannien Rediger på Wikidata
Død 7. november 2022 (98 år) Rediger på Wikidata
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Rediger på Wikidata
Ægtefælle Angela Scoular (1982-2011) Rediger på Wikidata
Uddannelse og virke
Uddannelses­sted Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Rediger på Wikidata
Beskæftigelse Tv-skuespiller, filmskuespiller, selvbiograf, teaterskuespiller, stemmeskuespiller, filmproducent, skuespiller, forfatter Rediger på Wikidata
Fagområde Computerspilindustri Rediger på Wikidata
Genre Radiokommedie Rediger på Wikidata
Nomineringer og priser
Udmærkelser Officer of the Order of the British Empire (1998),
Kommandør af Order of the British Empire (2008) Rediger på Wikidata
Information med symbolet Billede af blyant hentes fra Wikidata. Kildehenvisninger foreligger sammesteds.

Leslie Samuel Phillips (CBE) (født 20. april 1924 i London, død 7. november 2022[1]) var en BAFTA-nomineret engelsk skuespiller, bedst kendt for sine komiske roller og for sin stemmerolle som Fordelingshatten i Harry Potter-filmene.

Filmografi[redigér | rediger kildetekst]

Film[redigér | rediger kildetekst]

År Titel Rolle Noter Ref.
1938 Lassie from Lancashire Lille rolle Ukrediteret [2]
1938 The Citadel Lille rolle Ukrediteret [2]
1938 Climbing High Lille rolle Ukrediteret [2]
1939 The Mikado Boy Ukrediteret [2]
1939 The Four Feathers Boy at Parade Ukrediteret [2]
1940 The Proud Valley Small Role Ukrediteret
1940 The Thief of Bagdad Urchin Ukrediteret [2]
1943 Rhythm Serenade Soldier Ukrediteret
1946 The Magic Bow Audience Member Ukrediteret
1948 Anna Karenina Lille rolle Ukrediteret [2]
1948 The Red Shoes Audience Member Ukrediteret
1949 Train of Events Fireman [2]
1950 The Woman with No Name Officer [2]
1951 Pool of London Harry [2]
1951 The Galloping Major Reporter Uncredited [2]
1952 The Sound Barrier Controller Uncredited [2]
1953 Time Bomb Police Sergeant Uncredited [2]
1953 The Limping Man Cameron [2]
1954 You Know What Sailors Are Embassy Secretary Uncredited [2]
1955 As Long as They're Happy Box Office Manager [3]
1955 Value for Money Robjohns [2]
1956 The Gamma People Howard Meade [2]
1956 The Big Money Receptionist [2]
1957 The Barretts of Wimpole Street Harry Bevan [2]
1957 Brothers in Law Shop Assistant [2]
1957 The Smallest Show on Earth Robin Carter [2]
1957 High Flight Squadron Leader Blake [2]
1957 Les Girls Sir Gerald Wren [2]
1957 Just My Luck Hon. Richard Lumb [2]
1958 I Was Monty's Double Major Tennant [2]
1959 The Navy Lark Lt. Pouter [2]
1959 The Man Who Liked Funerals Simon Hurd [2]
1959 The Angry Hills Ray Taylor [2]
1959 Carry On Nurse Jack Bell [2]
1959 Carry On Teacher Alistair Grigg [2]
1959 The Night We Dropped a Clanger Squadron Leader Thomas [4]
1959 Please Turn Over Dr. Henry Manners [2]
1959 Ferdinando I, re di Napoli Pat [5]
1959 This Other Eden Crispin Brown [2]
1960 Inn for Trouble John Belcher [2]
1960 Carry On Constable PC Tom Potter [2]
1960 Doctor in Love Dr. Tony Burke [2]
1960 Watch Your Stern Lt. Cmdr. Bill Fanshawe [6]
1960 No Kidding David Robinson [2]
1961 A Weekend with Lulu Timothy Gray [2]
1961 Very Important Person Flying Officer Jimmy Cooper DFC [2]
1961 Raising the Wind Mervyn Hughes [2]
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1962 The Longest Day RAF Officer Mac [2]
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1964 Father Came Too! Roddy Chipfield [2]
1965 You Must Be Joking! Young Husband [2]
1966 Doctor in Clover Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke [2]
1967 Maroc 7 Raymond Lowe [2]
1970 Some Will, Some Won't Simon Russell [2]
1970 Doctor in Trouble Dr. Tony Burke [2]
1971 The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins Dickie [2]
1973 Not Now, Darling Gilbert Bodley [2]
1974 Don't Just Lie There, Say Something! Sir William Mainwaring-Brown [2]
1975 Spanish Fly Mike Scott [2]
1976 Not Now, Comrade Commander Rimmington [2]
1985 Out of Africa Sir Joseph [2]
1987 Empire of the Sun Maxton [2]
1989 Scandal Lord Astor [2]
1990 Mountains of the Moon Mr. Arundell [2]
1991 King Ralph Gordon Halliwell [2]
1992 Carry On Columbus King Ferdinand [2]
1996 August Professor Alexander Blathwaite [2]
1997 Caught in the Act Sydney Fisher [2]
1997 The Jackal Woolburton [2]
1998 The Orgasm Raygun The Inventor's Voice [2]
2000 Saving Grace Vicar [2]
2001 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Wilson [7]
2001 Harry Potter og De Vises Sten Fordelingshatten Stemme [7]
2002 Thunderpants Judge [2]
2002 Harry Potter og Hemmelighedernes Kammer Fordelingshatten Stemme [7]
2003 Collusion Herbert Ames
2004 Millions Leslie Phillips [2]
2004 Churchill: The Hollywood Years Lord W'ruff [2]
2005 Colour Me Kubrick Freddie [2]
2006 Venus Ian [8]
2008 Is There Anybody There? Reg [2]
2011 Late Bloomers Leo
2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Fordelingshatten Stemme [7]
2012 After Death Jeremiah Jones

Television[redigér | rediger kildetekst]

År Titel Rolle Noter Ref.
1948 Morning Departure Stoker Snipe TV film [2]
1951 BBC Sunday Night Theatre Redpenny Episode: "The Doctor's Dilemma"
1952 The Poppenkast Jan Klaassen TV film
1952 My Wife Jacqueline Tom Bridger All 6 episodes [2]
1953 For Better, for Worse Tony TV film
1954 The Vise Hugh Lawrence Episode: "Lucky Man"
1955 The Vise George Episode: "The Better Chance"
1955 The Adventures of Robin Hood Sir William Episode: "Friar Tuck" [9]
1955 The Adventures of Robin Hood Count de Waldern Episode: "Checkmate" [9]
1956 BBC Sunday Night Theatre Willie Ragg Episode: "Mrs. Moonlight"
1956 ITV Television Playhouse Det. Sgt. Bullock Episode: "A Lady Mislaid"
1956 Tracey and Me Wally All 3 episodes
1956 Adventure Theater Jimmy Episode: "The Stranger on the Sea"
1956 The Adventures of Robin Hood Wat Longfellow Episode: "A Village Wooing" [9]
1956 The Errol Flynn Theatre Venning Episode: "The Red Geranium"
1956 Beauty and the Beast Crispin TV film
1957 Wire Service Keynes Episode: "Atom at Spithead"
1957 Hour of Mystery Maurice Mullins Episode: "A Murder Has Been Arranged"
1957 O.S.S. Foxie Episode: "Operation Chopping Block"
1957 ITV Play of the Week Guy Robertson Episode: "A Voice in Vision"
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1958 Saturday Playhouse Tom D'Arcy MP Episode: "Carry On, Admiral"
1958 The Invisible Man Sparrow Episode: "Blind Justice" [2]
1959 The Vise Benson Episode: "The Girl from Rome"
1960 The Adventures of Robin Hood Herbert Episode: "The Reluctant Rebel" [9]
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1970 The Culture Vultures Dr. Michael Cunningham All 5 episodes
1972 Father, Dear Father Basil Episode: "Unaccustomed as I Am"
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1979 The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Mr. Tumnus Voice; TV film
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1985 Mr. Palfrey of Westminster Rupert Styles Episode: "Return to Sender" [2]
1986 You'll Never See Me Again Det. Supt. Weston TV film
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1987 Super Gran P.O.W. Episode: "Supergran and the Birthday Dambuster"
1988 Rumpole of the Bailey Boxey Horne Episode: "Rumpole and Portia" [2]
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1990 The Comic Strip Presents... Sir Horace Cutler Episode: "GLC: The Carnage Continues..."
1990 The Comic Strip Presents... Dean Episode: "Oxford"
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1991 Performance Judge Michael Argyle Episode: "The Trials of Oz"
1990 Life After Life Wing Commander Boyle TV pilot [2]
1992 Thacker George Thacker TV film
1992 Boon Alan Steen Episode: "Blackballed"
1993 Lovejoy Major Eddie Turpin Episode: "The Galloping Major"
1993 Screen One Johnny Episode: "Royal Celebration"
1993 Performance Vermandero Episode: "The Changeling"
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1996 The Canterville Ghost George, Lord Canterville TV film [2]
1996 The Kensington Cat Sir John TV film
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1996 The Bill The Professor Episode: "Cheating"
1996 Tales from the Crypt Mycroft Amberson Episode: "Fatal Caper"
1996 Dennis the Menace Mr. Greenfly Voice; Episode: "Wanted!"
1997 The Pale Horse Lincoln Bradley TV film
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1999 Days Like These Saint Peter Episode: "Grandma's Dead"
1999 Dalziel and Pascoe James Westropp Episode: "Recalled to Life" [2]
2000 Cinderella Felim TV film
2000 Take a Girl Like You Lord Archie Edgerstone Episode: "Part 3"
2000 Aladdin Prince Hugely Suave TV film
2001–2004 Revolver The Safecracker 7 episodes
2001 Sword of Honour Gervase Crouchback TV film
2002 Outside the Rules Hal Porter 2 episodes
2002 Monarch of the Glen Louis Grimshaw Episode: #4.3
2002 Holby City Charles Campbell-Gore Episode: "Sins of the Father"
2003 Midsomer Murders Major Godfrey Teal Episode: "Painted in Blood" :Episode #6.3 [2]
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2009 Things Talk Grandfather Clock Voice; TV film

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