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The purpose is of this template is for generating simple tables in locations where standard table markup is either not possible, without significant use of the {{!}} magic word (e.g., with a {{sidebar}} template), or cumbersome (due to the repetitive use of specification of the same style statement in each row). This template should not be used to replace standard table markup in articles. This template is meant to be complimentary to {{infobox}} or {{sidebar}}, and not a replacement for {{infobox}} or {{sidebar}}.

A simpler method to include a table in a template that does not directly support table markup is to create the table in a sub-template using standard markup and transclude it.

Full syntax[rediger kildetekst]

For parameter explanations, see table below.

{{Aligned table
| cols =
| fullwidth =
| class =
| style =
| colwidth =
<!--| colclass = -->
| leftright =
| colstyle =
| rowstyle =

<!--for Cth column:-->
| colCwidth =
| colCclass =
| colCalign =
| colCstyle =
| colCnowrap =

<!--for Rth row:-->
| rowRclass =
| rowRstyle =

<!--for cell R,C:-->
| classR.C =
| styleR.C =

| (cell 1,1) | (cell 1,2) | ... | ...

Parameters[rediger kildetekst]

Parameter Description Examples Default
cols Number of columns in the table. |cols=4 2
fullwidth Set to anything ("on", "true", "yes", etc) to ensure table spans entire width available.
(Effect is to remove border-spacing and add width:100% to the table's styling.)
|fullwidth=on not set
class CSS/HTML class/es applied to the table. |class=wikitable   |class=infobox
|class=sortable nowrap   |class=sidebar
style CSS styling applied to the table. |style=width:80%;background:transparent; none
colwidth Width of each column (or include "width:...;" in colstyle). |colwidth=6.0em   |colwidth=25% not set
(colclass) (CSS classes applied to each column.) "
colstyle CSS styling applied to each column. |colstyle=background:transparent; "
rowstyle CSS styling applied to each row. |rowstyle=text-align:center; "
leftright Set to anything ("on", "true", "yes", etc) in place of |col1align=left and |col2align=right |leftright=on not set
col[C]width Width of column number [C] (or include "width:...;" in col[C]style). |col2width=9.0em   |col3width=35% none set
col[C]class Class/es applied to column number [C]. |col1class=navbox-group "
col[C]align Alignment (left / right / center) for column [C]'s cell contents (or include "text-align:...;" in col[C]style). |col4align=right none set
col[C]nowrap Set to anything ("on", "true", "yes", etc) to add "white-space:nowrap;" to column [C]'s cell styling (i.e. to prevent lines within its cells from wrapping; or include "nowrap" in col[C]class or "white-space:nowrap;" in col[C]style). |col5nowrap=on "
col[C]style CSS styling applied to column number [C]. |col4style=font-style:italic; "
row[R]class Class/es applied to row number [R]. |row10class=navbox-abovebelow none set
row[R]style CSS styling applied to row number [R]. |row2style=font-weight:bold; "
class[R].[C] Class/es applied to cell in row [R], column [C]. Overrides any other class attributions (row[R]class, col[C]class). |class1.2=adr none set
style[R].[C] CSS styling applied to cell in row [R], column [C]. Overrides any more general styling (leftright, col[C]align, row[R]style, etc). |style5.3=text-align:right; "
Unnamed parameters Each unnamed parameter is taken to be the next cell in the table, starting at the table's top left corner and working left to right from top to bottom.

Examples[rediger kildetekst]

{{Aligned table
|cols=3 |class=wikitable
| A | 1 | a
| B | 2 | b
A 1 a
B 2 b
{{Aligned table
|cols=4 |class=wikitable
|col1align=center |col2align=center
|col3align=right  |col4align=right
| AAA | aa    | 123  | 12345
| B   | bbbbb | 1234 | 2
AAA aa 123 12345
B bbbbb 1234 2
{{Aligned table
|class=wikitable |style=width:20em;
|col1align=center |col2align=right
| AAA | 123
| B   | 2
AAA 123
B 2
{{Aligned table
|cols=3 |class=wikitable sortable
| U | # | l
| A | 1 | a
| B | 2 | b
U # l
A 1 a
B 2 b