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This page-top banner template is for Wikipedia-internal FAQ pages.


For a stand-alone FAQ page: {{FAQ page}}

For such a page with shortcuts: {{FAQ page|WP:SC1|WP:SC2}}

For a FAQ that is intended to be transcluded into another page: <noinclude>{{FAQ page}}</noinclude> (this will suppress display of this banner in the transcluding page, but preserve it and its auto-categorization on the FAQ's own page).

This template categorizes pages into one of the following categories, depending on the namespace the template is used in:

It will not be categorized at all if mistakenly put into a namespace that should not contain such a page, e.g. the main (article) namespace, "Module", "File", "Mediawiki", and some others. It might be best if the template threw a big red error in such a case, but it is not presently coded to do so.

See also

  • {{FAQ}} – a template for transcluding a short, collapsible FAQ (with "Q&A" formatting) into talk pages.