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The template mp (for "minor planet") easily formats the nomenclature of those minor planets that are known in whole or in part by their provisional designation. The template mpl (for "minor planet link") obeys exactly the same syntax but outputs a wikilink to an article at the appropriate namespace. Use of these templates avoids Unicode complexities in article titles while still rendering subscripts.

The templates have been designed to allow the designations to be entered with a minimum of modification needed; pipe | characters replace transitions to and from subscript, as well as slashes / and parentheses ( ).

  • To quickly format a minor planet identified solely by its provisional designation (i.e. without a catalogue number), use the following pseudocode:
    {{mp|<leading numbers and letters>|<subscript number, if applicable>}}
    For example, to create 2004 MN4, use:
    {{mp|2004 MN|4}}
  • To quickly format a minor planet known by a combination of a permanent catalogue number and a provisional designation, use the following pseudocode:
    {{mp|<catalogue number>|<provisional designation's leading numbers and letters>|<provisional designation's subscript number, if applicable>}}
    For example, to create (15788) 1993 SB, use:
    {{mp|15788|1993 SB}}
    Or, to create (15760) 1992 QB1, use:
    {{mp|15760|1992 QB|1}}
    Note that similar results as the above can also be obtained by placing both the catalogue number (in parentheses) and the provisional designation in a single field. For example, (15760) 1992 QB1 can also be created by using:
    {{mp|(15760) 1992 QB|1}}
  • The provisional designations for satellites of minor planets make reference to the primary (the "parent body"): either to the primary's permanent catalogue number, or to the primary's provisional designation, but never both. To quickly format the provisional designation of a satellite of a minor planet, use the following pseudocode:
    {{mp|S|<satellite's year of discovery>|<primary's catalogue number OR primary's provisional designation's leading numbers and letters>|<primary's provisional designation's subscript number, if applicable>|<satellite's trailing number>}}
    Note that the template functions with either four or five fields used; in the event there is no subscripted text to be included, one can use only four fields and the last field will be assumed to define the trailing number.
    For example, to create S/2000 (1998 WW31) 1, use:
    {{mp|S|2000|1998 WW|31|1}}
    Or, to create S/2005 (1994 XD) 1, use:
    {{mp|S|2005|1994 XD|1}}
    Or, to create S/2003 (11264) 1, use: