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[[{{{1}}} Station|{{{1}}}]]

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This template expands a name (first parameter) to link to the appropriate station article, without displaying "station".

The optional second parameter (any character) will capitalize the word "Station".

The optional third parameter will add disambiguating qualifier in brackets after "Station"/"station".

The template can be abbreviated as {{stn}} (for Station), or {{STN}} as a short form to omit the second parameter.

For example:

{{Station|City Hall}} expands to [[City Hall station|City Hall]].

{{Station|Union|x}} and {{STN|Union}} both expand to [[Union Station|Union]].

{{stn|Forest Hill|x|San Francisco}} and {{STN|Forest Hill|San Francisco}} both expand to [[Forest Hill Station (San Francisco)|Forest Hill]]. Note that there are only two parameters for the {{STN}} abbreviation.

Discretion should be used on whether to name the place itself or the station that serves it. In railway articles it is generally preferred to use the station unless specifically talking about the place served, for example that University serves a particular University.

Many station articles follow the link form of terminating with "station".

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