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== Eksterne lænkerlinks ==
* Fra en-wikiEngelsk Wikipedia: <small>This article incorporates some information taken from with permission</small>
* [], [ introduction] Citat: "... Reflections on the Etruscan Civilization. By Graziano is the Etruscans, coming from the East, who are the true founders of our European culture, for both good and bad aspects...many ancient insignias of the Orient handed down to the Romans from Etruscan leaders and priests...the new Roman religion snatched the symbols of the Etruscan civilization but denied the so-called pagan origin of it all...Unfortunately our culture has inherited the worse of the Etruscan religion as for example, the concept of infallibility, seconded by the Christian religion..."
** [ Etruscan Engineering and Agricultural Achievements] Citat: "...The rituals of Etruscan religion have much in common with the ancient [[Sumerer|Sumerian]] and later Akkadian civilisations...The Etruscans had a deep knowledge of [[Hydrologi|Hydrology]] and [[Hydraulik|hydraulics]]...incredibly detailed knowledge of the local geology..."The masterpiece of their hydraulic know-how," says Mario Lopes Pegna, "was their abolition of the periodic scourge of floods in the lower reaches of the [[Po]]. This was a gigantic undertaking. Accomplished by digging a whole network of coordinated [[Kanal|canals]], and at the same time damming the river with caissons or brushwood. much further afield...other branches of knowledge, including [[Metallurgi|metallurgy]] and [[Tandpleje|dentistry]] to give two examples...The Etruscans were the first to tackle and solve the problem of land improvement, and did so by a series of technical operations so ingenious as to arouse admiration even in our days. A complicated skillfully constructed network of canals collected surplus and stagnant water throughout [[Etrurien|Etruria]] and [[Latium]]..."