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Hello colleague, I'm not able to correct the templates. Do you know an ADMIN or an other specialist for this? Until now from my edis there are only two articles, why not more? In the text I've corrected in 200.022 indbyggere (new) and to bring it in the Infobox is not possible for all editors/autors. If you know this specialist to do it, I'll contact him in future this examples, to complete them. Best regards -- [[Bruger:Drahdiwaberling|Drahdiwaberling]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Drahdiwaberling|diskussion]]) 7. jul 2020, 23:20 (CEST)
:<small>Ovenstående er flyttet hertil fra Sørens brugerside af: [[Bruger:Amjaabc|Arne (Amjaabc)]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Amjaabc|diskussion]]) 8. jul 2020, 07:19 (CEST)</small>
:Answer to [[User:Drahdiwaberling]]: The reason for the you not being able to update the population field in [[Montgomery]] is that this information is automatically taken from Wikidata. Compare with [[:en:Montgomery, Alabama]] which presents the same population from the 2010 census. So the only possibility for you to fix the information is to update it in Wikidata. However, as I understand, the US has just recently had the latest census - I guess populations will be updated in general for US-cities etc. at Wikidata. So the best solution will probably be to await this update - hence the info boxes will automatically update. —[[Bruger:Amjaabc|Arne (Amjaabc)]] ([[Brugerdiskussion:Amjaabc|diskussion]]) 8. jul 2020, 07:35 (CEST)