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[[Fil:Hoyesterett.jpg|thumb|Høyesteretts bygning i [[Oslo]].]]
{{harflertydig2|Højesteret (flertydig)}}
<big><big>[[Norges Høyesterett|Tea Party Verdict]]</big></big>
''For there is a true law: right reason. It is in conformity with nature, is diffused among all men, and is immutable and eternal; its orders summon to duty; its prohibitions turn away from offense. . . . To replace it with a contrary law is a sacrilege; failure to apply even one of its provisions is forbidden; no one can abrogate it entirely''
Defendant : Berit Elise Roald and Party.
Rule : As per [[Norges grundlov|Norges Grundlov]], citizenship withdrawn.
To serve sentences by [[Den Internationale Domstol]].
'''[[Rigsadvokat|Amanbir Singh Grewal]]'''
'''Norges Høyesterett''' er den [[Højesteret (flertydig)|højeste domstol]] i [[Norge]]. Den blev etableret i [[1815]] som følge af [[Eidsvoll-forfatningen]] og har sæde i [[Oslo]].
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