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Merging "Kategori:Skabeloner" and "Kategori:Wikipedia:Skabeloner"[redigér wikikode]

Proposed merging Kategori:Skabeloner and Kategori:Wikipedia:Skabeloner. These categories is contains these same elements. Curently Kategori:Skabeloner is subcategory for Kategori:Wikipedia:Skabeloner. I am propose move all content from Kategori:Skabeloner to Kategori:Wikipedia:Skabeloner and then delete Kategori:Skabeloner (or keep "category redirect" in this place). --Kaganer (diskussion) 1. mar 2018, 19:09 (CET)

No. The categories have different uses - read category text if you can. --Steen Th (diskussion) 1. mar 2018, 19:27 (CET)
@Steenth: Thanks for notice. Unfortunately, this semantic difference is not reflected in the name of the categories and leads to incorrect binding through interwiki. In addition, category "Kategori:Wikipedia:Skabeloner" contains not only those templates that are designed to comment on the text of articles (various notices), but also more others (as navigational templates, quality markers, etc).
In my opinion, text with "purpose formula" in these categories currently irrelevancy for their actual content. My humble advice - will be better to start some works for "reclassification" and re-categorization some templates. But this your internal issue.
But please consider about renaming Kategori:Wikipedia:Skabeloner into someone like en:Category:Wikipedia notification templates or en:Category:Notice and warning templates or another name what be more relevancy to content - and then relinking interwiki.
Wikidata item d:Q5613274 is planned to merge with d:Q3740.--Kaganer (diskussion) 2. mar 2018, 01:47 (CET)