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Approx. 750 images[redigér wikikode]

On October 1st 2011, a total of 755 images was uploaded to the Danish Wiki Loves Monuments category on Commons (and thus submitted to the Danish Wiki Loves Monuments (DaWLM)). WLM 2011, coincidentally happened on as the Danish parliamentary election (announced August 26th, election-day on September 15th) - had it not be for the election, we would probably had seen more images. We've noted the following on the DaWLM submissions:

  • Two different images was uploaded under the same name, the first one overwritten. After the split-up of these images we had 756 images.
  • All the images was uploaded in September. Some images has been reuploaded in October in higher resolution. These will till participate.
  • 333 images are of Danish churches. Since churches in Denmark are neither Listed Buildings nor Archaeological sites or monuments in Denmark, they do not participate in the contest (Roskilde Domkirke is an exception of this however and can participate).
  • 16 images was in fact not monuments and doesn't participate either.
  • The remaining 407 images are in contest, based on the European WLM judging criteria.

So far in contest[redigér wikikode]

The following images are still in contest, but may fall after a more thorough scrutinisation - or pass on for the contest :o)

Size < ½ MB[redigér wikikode]

½-1 MB[redigér wikikode]

1-2 MB[redigér wikikode]

2-3 MB[redigér wikikode]

3-4 MB[redigér wikikode]

4-5 MB[redigér wikikode]

5-6 MB[redigér wikikode]

6-7 MB[redigér wikikode]

7-8 MB[redigér wikikode]

8-9 MB[redigér wikikode]

9-10 MB[redigér wikikode]

>10 MB[redigér wikikode]