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Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 is a photo contest regarding National heritage sites around the world heald by Wikimedia. There is a central website for participants, with separate websites per participating country. The comprehensive project portal is on Commons.

Are you ready to upload images?[rediger kildetekst]

Once you have taken the pictures and have the IDs ready (see below) then you can upload the images to Commons in September 2012:

  • Fredede bygninger (Listed Buildings) can be uploaded here
  • Fredede fortidsminder (Archaeological sites or monuments) can be uploaded here

Dutch background[rediger kildetekst]

In September 2010 the local Netherlands contest resulted in over 12,000 photo's of rijksmonuments being uploaded to Commons. From the photos submitted there were more than 8,000 unique monuments photographed. The best pictures were selected by a jury and the winner was awarded an iPad. From this 2010 success a Europe-wide 2011 race was held in 2011 and in 2012 it is a world-wide contest.

2012 goals[rediger kildetekst]

Join us in writing, translating, or making stubs for Wikipedia articles with pictures on Europe's lesser known National monuments! There are lots of World Heritage Sites that need articles & photo's too!

The goal this year is to gain more pictures than last year in order to add to the various country heritage projects such as the Dutch heritage wiki project. The contest is organized in a federative fashion, so the details on a national level might differ from country to country. The basic concept is that people are invited to upload images of monumental objects under a free license for usage on Wikipedia. We want to try to get complete lists of these monuments on Wikipedia, including photos - giving a great and unique overview of the cultural heritage in a country. Constructive input on how the organization could be further improved compared to last year is warmly welcomed in a convenient location: the talk page of Commons:Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012/Progress. Our partners are Europeana, European Heritage Days, Europa Nostra, and the Council of Europe, which we hope will help us make this competition a greater success than last year.

Participating countries[rediger kildetekst]

More detailed information on which countries are interested in participating, where they are in organizing and how you can help is available on Commons:Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012/Progress

Rules[rediger kildetekst]

The contest is based on a few simple rules:

  1. You should have taken the picture yourself.
  2. The image must have a free license - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
  3. The image must be uploaded in September 2012 - it is irrelevant when it was taken.
  4. The Danish contest is only for monuments designated by the Danish Heritage Agency (see #Which monuments?).
  5. You should have enabled the e-mail function, so we can contact you if you've won.

The images must be uploaded on Commons.

The winner is selected by a jury. The decision can not be appealed. Jury members may not participate.

Tips[rediger kildetekst]

Tips for photography:

  • Set the camera to the highest possible resolution.
  • Take several pictures per monument. Later, you can choose the best or if they are all good, upload them all.
  • Keep track of every photo of the monument - it may later be useful when you upload. Make a list in advance (recommended) or find the number later. You can also use Google Maps (if we get it established).
  • If you take a picture of a detail, take also a picture of the whole. In this way, the relationship is clear and it is easy to remember what the picture depicts.

Note: If you want to enter a building or an enclosed monument to take pictures, ask for permission.

Which monuments?[rediger kildetekst]

Winning monument from the 2010 contest: Vijzelstraat 31 in Amsterdam
Winner from 2011: Winter picture of Chiajna Monastery. The monastery is situated on the outskirts of Bucharest

Monuments are not everything you can read about in the article Monument. In this context, a monument is something like "a man-made object of a certain size, that has the character of Heritage". Ie. it can be buildings, bridges and dolmens, but not statues, gold jewelry, stone axes and other things you can move around. Though many countries agree on the definition of cultural heritage sites as definied by UNESCO, each country has its own criteria for inclusion on a heritage list. To reduce any confusion, the WLM organizing contest committees of each country worked on lists of monuments to be photographed. To make it less subjective, objects were selected based on what the Heritage Agency defines as cultural heritage, ie. they are the monuments which they have recorded in their databases. Ie. "Fredede bygninger" and "Fund og fortidsminder".

Fund og fortidsminder[rediger kildetekst]

The lists of ancient relics are shown here Fredede fortidsminder i Danmark.

Fredede bygninger[rediger kildetekst]

The lists of protected buildings are shown here Fredede bygninger i Danmark.

See the monuments on a map[rediger kildetekst]

You can see the monuments on Google Maps here (just click, zoom and wait 10 seconds). Please note that the map can't show hundreds of munuments in one time so unless you zoom in you will only see some of the monuments.

Are you ready to upload images?[rediger kildetekst]

The competition for 2012 is over. Pictures could only be uploaded in September.

If you want you are still welcome to contribute with photos but they can not be a part of the competision. When you have taken the pictures and have the IDs ready (see lists above) then you can upload the images to Commons:

  • Fredede bygninger (Listed Buildings) can be uploaded here - NOTICE that the competition has ended but photos are still welcome.
  • Fredede fortidsminder (Archaeological sites or monuments) can be uploaded here - NOTICE that the competition has ended but photos are still welcome.

See all the photos of Danish monuments uploaded in Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 here. More than 500 photos was uploaded for Denmark!

What can be done?[rediger kildetekst]

There are many tasks - see Commons:Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012/Timeline for the main points.

There are sometechnical things such as:

  1. Check and update the lists of monuments on da-wiki. Yes check.svg Done - last time in May 2012
  2. Check and update the categories on Commons Yes check.svg Done at least partially. The main categories have been created but there may be a need for subcategories and some categories may not be usefull and should be deleted.
  3. Check and update excisting photos on Commons:

There are also somenon-technical things as:

  1. Advertise the contest
  2. Finding sponsors
  3. Choosing a Jury
  4. Hold an event when the winner is found.

If you do not want to photograph, you can still help by creating and correct the articles on the monuments.

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