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Colour scheme
Main route in use Disused section Limited service
BSicon STR.svg BSicon exSTR.svg BSicon tSTR.svg
Unknown route-map component "tKHSTa"
End of route - minor stop (limited service)
Unknown route-map component "tHST"
Minor settlement or stop (limited service)
Unknown route-map component "tSTR" + Head station
Major stop or bus station
Unknown route-map component "xpHST"
Minor stop without express service (ie. local services only)
Interchange (with rail network, airport, ferry etc.)
Unknown route-map component "exSTRq" Unknown route-map component "eABZrf"
Junction with disused route section
Junction to left Track from left
Single way forward Single way backward
One-way section with specific directionality
Track from right Station on the junction of two routes Track to right
Bus stop/station (served twice)
Unknown route-map component "xABZgl+xl" Junction from left
Triangular junction
Unknown route-map component "exCONTf" Straight track
Route continuous outside of "this" diagram (disused)
Urban track across Unknown route-map component "mKRZu" Urban track across
Metro / tram / rail on over-bridge
Abbreviated in this map
Interruption (section hidden in diagram)
Unknown route-map component "AKRZo"
Unknown route-map component "AKRZ-UKo"
Motorway (British symbol)
Bridge over water
Bridge across water
Unknown route-map component "STRSUMMITl"
restricted border
International border
unrestricted border
Border or boundary
Level crossing
Level crossing
Train travel on the ship
Ferry (integral part of route)
Pier Interchange
Interchange with ferry (independent)
Aerial tramway Interchange
Stop with interchange to aerial tram or cable-car
Urban railway Interchange
Stop with interchange to tram/rail
Steam train Interchange
Interchange with Steam railway - useful transport
Steam train Station
Stop at Steam or Heritage Railway - attraction
Aiport Station
Stop serving airport
Heliport End station
Stop serving heliport

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