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Chrome crashes[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Editing in Chrome using ipad is not possible. Crashes every time :( Pugilist (diskussion) 30. sep 2013, 21:46 (CEST) - Er der nogen, der kan få VE til at spille i Chrome ? Pugilist (diskussion) 30. sep 2013, 21:48 (CEST)

Hvordan sætter jeg en bestemt bioboks ind?[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Hvordan sætter jeg en bestemt bioboks ind? Kan slet ikke finde ud af det nye her?? Skrevet af Allan Nielsen - Bruger:Tjalland 30. sep 2013, 22:19 (CEST)

Jeg er usikker på det, men du kan prøve at kigge på den engelske infoside for VisualEditor. Mvh Asger1995 (diskussion) 30. sep 2013, 22:23 (CEST)

Redigering i beta[redigér | redigér wikikode]

I beta-formatet kan man ikke se og heller ikke indsætte kategorihenvisninger. Sten Porse (diskussion) 5. okt 2013, 23:35 (CEST)

Mon ikke de skal indsættes, som almindelige interne wiki links i bunden? Alternativt kan man jo også benytte HotCat. Mvh Asger (diskussion) 6. okt 2013, 15:23 (CEST)

VisualEditor updates[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Please help translate this message.

We recommend that community champions translate the newsletter and post it to local Village Pumps or relevant noticeboards.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation's engineering department holds monthly office hours to discuss VisualEditor. Please join Product Manager James Forrester to discuss the products and upcoming plans in April.
Saturday 2014-04-19, at 20:00 UTC.
The discussion will be on IRC (w:Internet Relay Chat) at irc:// For more information on office hours, including how to attend, please see m:IRC office hours. Logs will be posted at Meta afterwards.
If office hours are heavily attended, it can be difficult to get to all questions, but if you want to ask a question and cannot attend or do not speak English, then please let us know your question on by the day before, and someone will add it to possible discussion topics.
  • VisualEditor has changed a lot recently, and you didn't notice it? You can be alerted to major updates on your own talk page, thanks to the newsletter! Less "technical" than the regular status updates delivered at, it's a good way to keep up to date with changes. Sign up now to make sure you get the next issue.
  • Did you know? There are just 2 URLs to check if you want to learn how your language is doing with regards to translations for VisualEditor's interface or help pages. Is it in the green (good!) area, or in the red (baaad!) one? Find out now, then click on your language code to update the translations!
Help pages
--Elitre (WMF) (talk) 7. apr 2014, 18:41 (CEST)