Absolute Let's Dance opus 11

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Absolute Let's Dance opus 11 er en kompilation i serien Absolute Dance udgivet i 1996 af EVA Records.

Sangliste (CD)[redigér | redigér wikikode]

  1. Everything But The Girl: "Missing (Remix – Todd Terry)"
  2. Me & My: "Baby Boy (Flex Club Mix) (Remix – Hartmann & Langhoff)"
  3. 2 Unlimited: "Do What's Good For Me (Edit)"
  4. Molella: "If You Wanna Party (Featuring – The Outhere Brothers) (Remix – Aladino)"
  5. Corona: "I Don't Wanna Be A Star (Remix – Lee Marrow)"
  6. Magic Affair: "Energy Of Light (Radio Mix)"
  7. Scooter: "Back In The U.K. (Radio Version)"
  8. DJ Bobo: "Freedom (Radio Version)"
  9. Herbie: "Big Funky Dealer (Radio Version)"
  10. The Original: "B 2 Gether (Remix – Dancing Divaz)"
  11. Alex Party.: "Wrap Me Up (Radio Edit)"
  12. The Bucketheadse: "Got Myself Together (Hustlers Convention Radio Edit)"
  13. Solid Base: "Mirror, Mirror (Radio Mix)"
  14. La Bouche: "I Love To Love (Radio Mix)"
  15. Tanja Marian: "My Boy Lollipop '95 (Presenter – Tequila) (Radio Edit)"
  16. Orange Blue: "Sunshine Of My Life (Radio Edit)"
  17. Gener8: "Boom Boom Down"
  18. Bass Bumpers: "Keep On Pushing (New Radio Edit)"
  19. Black Box: "A Positive Vibration (Remix – DJ Lelewel) (Radio Mix)"
  20. Smølferne: "Smølfe Cowboy Joe (Cotten Eye Joe)"