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    Abderrahman Ait Ali, aka Abdou
    Abderrahman Ait Ali, aka Abdou
    Communication manager, Wikimedia MA User Group
    Wiser together ;-)

    About me

    I am a Wikimedian from Ait Melloul, living in Stockholm. I work with Mathematics, Economics and Operations Research in railway transportation research at VTI. I am pretty interested in linguistics, history, photography, to name few of them.

    My work

    I joined Wikimedia MA User Group as a member and hence the Wikimedian community as an editor, volunteer and an affiliate to the Wikimedia MA User Group. I mostly work with editing articles in Tashelhit, Arabic (including Darija), English, French and sometimes Swedish. I often upload my travel pictures to Commons. I am also with Wikimedia MA User Group as a communication manager helping with social media, outreach initiatives and other projects such as Wiki Loves Monuments. I started working recently with some data import and structuring into Wikidata.

    Contact me

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