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Niffer (Music Producer & DJ)

Kristoffer Hultgren Jensen (born 1. Aug, 2005) is a Danish music producer, DJ, songwriter, and artist known by his stage name "Niffer." He has gained recognition for his contributions to the electronic music industry, with numerous successful singles and collaborations with renowned singers and producers.

Early Life and Education

Niffer was born in Bording, Denmark, and spent his early years in the town. At the age of 15, he moved to Herning, where he continued his upbringing and pursued his passion for music.

After completing his education, Kristoffer graduated from a Danish high school, equipping himself with a strong foundation for his future endeavors.


Music Production and DJing

Kristoffer Hultgren Jensen's passion for music led him to embark on a career in music production and DJing. Under the stage name "Niffer," he has crafted a unique sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

As a music producer, Niffer has garnered significant success, with twelve of his singles reaching the top 50 in Denmark's music charts. His innovative approach to music production, blending various genres and styles, has captivated listeners and established him as a dynamic force in the industry.

Songwriting and Artistry

Beyond his production prowess, Niffer's talents extend to songwriting and his own artistry. Under the name "Niffer," he has released singles and an album on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, captivating fans with his emotive lyrics and infectious melodies.

Notably, Niffer has collaborated with esteemed singers and producers, including Petey Martin, Jordan Grace, Robbie Hutton, and others. These collaborations have further elevated his standing in the music industry and showcased his versatility as an artist.

Record Labels and Affiliations

Throughout his career, Niffer has worked with renowned record labels and organizations within the music industry. He has released singles on Wowland Record and Tilt Cooporate, which have provided platforms for his music to reach wider audiences.

Personal Life

In addition to his music career, Niffer maintains a balanced lifestyle. He is passionate about fitness and regularly engages in physical activities, including going to the gym. His dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle complements his creative endeavors and ensures his continuous growth as an artist.



  1. [Love Letters] (2023)


  1. [Dream About You] (2021)
  2. [Close To You] (2021)
  3. [Can't replace You] (2022)
  4. [The Dream] (2022)
  5. [Somehow i Lost Ya] (2022)
  6. [Partner In Crime] (2022)
  7. [Insomnia] (2022)
  8. [Heaven Is bright] (2022)
  9. [Alive] (2022)
  10. [No One] (2022)
  11. [Meant To Be] (2022)
  12. [Broken in The Rain] (2022)
  13. [Feel Sorry] (2022)
  14. [I'll never Leave] (2022)
  15. [Tidal Wave Of Time] (2022)
  16. [Scared To believe] (2022)
  17. [Honestly] (2022)
  18. [Collide] (2022)
  19. [Unfiltered love] (2022)
  20. [Here With Me] (2022)
  21. [Pieces] (2022)
  22. [Waiting (Feat. Nicklas Nielsen] (2022)
  23. [Lost] (2022)
  24. [Cold Outside] (2022)
  25. [Lose Control] (2022)
  26. [Champions] (2023)
  27. [Dance With Me] (2023)
  28. [Take Me higher] (2023)
  29. [Into You (signed with "Wowland Music")] (2023)
  30. [We fight] (2023)
  31. [We Fight (Nicklas Nielsen Remix] (2023)
  32. [How Will I Know] (2023)

Awards and Achievements

Kristoffer Hultgren Jensen's contributions to the music industry have not gone unnoticed. His talent and dedication have earned him recognition, with notable achievements, awards, and chart successes.

  1. Can't Replace you: "Top 50 Denmark" 2x
  2. Somehow i lost Ya: "Top 50 Denmark" 1x
  3. Lost: "Overall Charts Denmark" #63
  4. Lost: "House Charts Denmark " #2
  5. Lost: "Dance Charts Denmark " #6
  6. Cold Outside: "Dance Charts Denmark" #5
  7. Cold Outside: "House Charts Denmark" #1
  8. Take Me Higher: "Overall Charts Denmark" #83
  9. Dance With Me: "Overall Charts Denmark" #84
  10. Holding On: "House Charts Denmark " #1
  11. Holding On: "Dance Charts Denmark " #1
  12. Holding On: "Overall Charts Denmark" #6