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werldwayd is "worldwide" written in English in a phonetic way.

[werldwayd ız "worldwide" rıtən ın ınglıṣ ın ə fonetık wey]

I greatly follow music from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and regularly update the number one singles and albums pages of these countries in English language Wikipedia and establish English language articles of artists from these countries.

Contacting me[redigér | redigér wikikode]

For facilitating communications with this Wikipedia editor in full confidentiality, and your comments and suggestions about edits as "werldwayd" or for any other Wikipedia-related matters, you can contact me through the e-mail:

werldwayd [at]

Pages created in Danish Wikipedia[redigér | redigér wikikode]

I have created pages in Danish Wikipedia about these Danish-related subjects

Music[redigér | redigér wikikode]


Flertydig (disambiguation)[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Various[redigér | redigér wikikode]

  • Nej til knive - a much smaller version still exists in Danish after deletion of great sections from the article

Pages greatly developed in Danish Wikipedia[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Pages created in English Wikipedia[redigér | redigér wikikode]

I have created pages in English Wikipedia about these Danish artists and music-related subjects (keeping the format as they appear in English Wikipedia):

Cinema[redigér | redigér wikikode]


Literature[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Media[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Radio hosts

Music[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Singers and rappers
Duos and bands
Charities and public awareness
Music competitions
Music competition participants
Producers, Songwriters
Record labels
Reality television (music)

Pages created in Arab Wikipedia[redigér | redigér wikikode]


Expansion of existing English Wikipedia page[redigér | redigér wikikode]

I have also taken part in expanding of pages of existing English Wikipedia pages for:

Music producers / songwriters