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Interwiki redirect doesn't work an is flooding Speciel:BrokenRedirects. Please don't attempt it again.--Jan Friberg 11. apr 2007 kl. 09:28 (CEST)

It is working in all other Wikipedias since a year at least - follow the ~ 50 links on my user page - and noone ever complained yet. If it does something undesirable here, then that needs to be fixed.

Even if I leave it for now, it will likely be automatically updated about once a month sooner or later when my user page is being propagated after changes. --Purodha Blissenbach 12. apr 2007 kl. 19:37 (CEST)

I just stored it with #redirect, and inspected Special:BrokenRedirect, where only one missing page is being listed, but not my personal talk page. --Purodha Blissenbach 12. apr 2007 kl. 19:40 (CEST)

The Special:BrokenRedirect is at cachet page renewed one time every day. It is now present again. It is stated as completed but is removed form the page on the daily runs. Furthermore the redirect statement doesn't work as a redirect but is only work as a layout of the link use a markup language for that aim.--Jan Friberg 13. apr 2007 kl. 08:59 (CEST)
If you really want the image, why not just use Image:Redirectltr.png instead? --PhoenixV 13. apr 2007 kl. 09:14 (CEST)

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