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Roseau-runestenen var en sten med en ringformet runeindskrift fundet ved byen Roseau, Minnesota 56751, USA. Den nuværende placering er ukendt.

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  • Roseau Rune stone Citat: "...This rune stone has been lost. It was found near the town of Roseau, Minnesota 56751. Last heard it was in the possession of a Dr. Theodoe Blegin of the University of Minnesota History Dept. It disappered upon his death. The stone had a face with runes around it..."

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  • North American Rune Stones Arkiveret 7. februar 2005 hos Wayback Machine Citat: "...Several rune stones have been found in the United States...There is considerable debate over their age and validity...Possible Viking Routes to Minnesota from Greenland: via the Hudson Bay and the Nelson and Red Rivers or via the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes..."