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This template produces coloured icons for respective Hamburg public transport lines or a public transport services.

The first parameter indicates the current line or service, the second the size of the logos in pixels. If this parameter is not filled, pixel size is 15px.

Brug[redigér wikikode]

Please avoid adding these icons within the prose of articles: per Wikipedia's Manual of Style for icons, "Icons should not be used in the article body... This breaks up the continuity of the text, distracting the reader".

In addition, icons used in this way are primarily decorative, e.g. "aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder: one reader's harmless decoration may be another reader's distraction": While the icons provide visual cues in certain circumstances, writing in prose will usually suffice. Instead, provide a link to the services directly.

Gyldige parametre[redigér wikikode]

Parameter Required field Description
1 Yes Line name
2 No Width

Eksempler[redigér wikikode]

* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|S1}} S1Hamburg S1.svg
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|U4}} U4Hamburg U4.svg
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|R30}} R30Hamburg R30.svg
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|A2}} A2Hamburg A2.svg

Bus ruter / færger[redigér wikikode]

Parameter Required field Description
1 Yes Vehicle
2 Yes Line number

Eksempler[redigér wikikode]

* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|MetroBus|1}} Bus
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|SchnellBus|37}} Bus
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|StadtBus|189}} Bus
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|EilBus|E92}} Bus
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|NachtBus|865}} Bus
Night bus
* {{ÖPNV Hamburg|Fähre|64}} Ferry
Hamburg Hafenfaehren-Logo Blank.svg