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Usage[redigér wikikode]

{{cjersey}} generates icons of cycling jerseys to use to denote the current leader of a classification in cycling result tables.

cjersey has three parameters: the first is the colour of the jersey, the second the name of the classification. An optional size parameter is also available to customise the size of the jersey, defaulting to 20px.

Jerseys available[redigér wikikode]

These are the currently available jerseys:

  • blue Jersey blue.svg
  • blue polkadot Jersey blue dotted.png
  • blue yellow fish Jersey blue-yellowfish.svg
  • black Jersey black.svg
  • brown Jersey brown.svg
  • gold Jersey gold.svg
  • green Jersey green.svg
  • orange Jersey orange.svg
  • pink Jersey pink.svg
  • purple Jersey violet.svg
  • polkadot Jersey polkadot.svg
  • polkadot inverse Jersey white dots on red.svg
  • red Jersey red.svg
  • red number Jersey red number.svg
  • silver Jersey silver.svg
  • turquoise MaillotCyan.PNG
  • white Jersey white.svg
  • yellow Jersey yellow.svg
  • rose Jersey rosa.svg
  • light blue Jersey light blue.svg
  • grey Jersey grey.svg
  • red green Jersey red green.svg
  • yellow number Jersey yellow number.svg
  • european champion European champion jersey 2016.svg
  • oceania champion OceaniaChampionJersey.png
  • rainbow Jersey rainbow.svg
  • rainbow tt MaillotMundialCrono.PNG
  • track world cup UCI Track World Cup jersey.png
  • women world cup Womens World Cup leaders jersey.png
  • ProTour MaillotProTour.PNG
  • Dauphine Jersey yellow-bluebar.svg
  • Tour de Pologne Maillot-red-white.PNG
  • Tour de Suisse points Jersey red-blackdots.svg
  • Amissa Bongo mountains Jersey white dots on green.svg
  • Volta a Catalunya MaillotVolta.png
  • combination Jersey combined.svg
  • unknown Jersey unknown.svg

Examples[redigér wikikode]

  • {{cjersey|green|Points classification|size=5px}} gives Points classification
  • {{cjersey|white|Young rider classification}} gives Young rider classification
  • {{cjersey|yellow|Points classification|size=35px}} gives Points classification

TemplateData[redigér wikikode]

Dette er TemplateData-dokumentationen til denne skabelon, brugt af VisualEditor og andre værktøjer.


Provides jersey icons for leaders of classifications in cycling races



Colour of the jersey (lowercase)


Name of the classification (e.g. "General classification")

Size size

Size of the jersey image