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Usage[redigér wikikode]


This template should be placed on the main page of the article.

There are five optional parameters:

  • author= refers to the author of the respective entry.
    • In place of author= the parameters first= and last= can be used.
    • The author abbreviation (without periods and spaces) can be used. E.g., "AA" will yield "Alexander Allen". Unsigned articles in the Dictionary are by William Smith (WS) himself.
List of authors

AA = Alexander Allen; CTA = Charles Thomas Arnold; JEB = John Ernest Bode; ChAB = Christian A. Brandis; EHB = Edward Herbert Bunbury; AJC = Albany James Christie; AHC = Arthur Hugh Clough; GELC = George Edward Lynch Cotton; SD = Samuel Davidson; WFD = William Fishburn Donkin; WBD = William Bodham Donne; TD = Thomas Dyer; EE = Edward Elder; JTG = John Thomas Graves; WAG = William Alexander Greenhill; AG = Algernon Grenfell; WMG = William Maxwell Gunn; WI = William Ihne; BJ = Benjamin Jowett; HGL = Henry George Liddell; GL = George Long; JMM = John Morell Mackenzie; CPM = Charles Peter Mason; JCM = Joseph Calrow Means; HHM = Henry Hart Milman; AdeM = Augustus De Morgan; WP = William Plate; CEP = Constantine Estlin Prichard; WR = William Ramsay; LS = Leonhard Schmitz; PS = Philip Smith; WS = William Smith; APS = Arthur Penryhn Stanley; AS = Adolph Stahr; LU = Ludwig Urlichs; RW = Robert Whiston

  • volume= refers to the number of the volume (1, 2 or 3) in which the respective entry appears.
  • page= refers to the page number on which the respective entry appears. This parameter should be used concurrently with "volume".
  • title= refers to the name of the entry in the dictionary.
    • if the article is present on wikisource then use wstitle= in place of title=
  • url= can be used to link the title to an external source ("DGRBM: External links" contains urls to external on-line sources). Do not use this option if wstitle is used as the template automatically includes links to an article on Wikisource.

Hidden categories[redigér wikikode]

This template places articles into a hidden category with four sub-categories to aid maintenance:

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