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[[freenode:#{{{1}}}|#{{{1}}}]] connect

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For 1 hash channels add no hashes. For 2 hash channels add 1 hash. And so on. Otherwise the template will take you to the wrong channel.

Example[rediger kildetekst]

Note that the third example sends the user to WP:IRCHELP due to the consensus reached at this discussion.

User: I want to go to #wikipedia-da.
You: {{Freenode|wikipedia-da}}
#wikipedia-da connect

User 2: I want to go to ##random_channel.
You: {{Freenode|#random_channel}}
##random_channel connect

User 3: I need help at #wikipedia-en-help
You: {{Freenode|wikipedia-en-help}}
#wikipedia-en-help connect

See also[rediger kildetekst]

For a template linking to the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, see Template:USIRC.

Templatedata[rediger kildetekst]

Dette er denne skabelons TemplateData-dokumentation, som bruges af VisualEditor og andre værktøjer.


Skabelonparametre[Rediger TemplateData]


Channel name (without preceding hash)