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Usage[rediger kildetekst]

This template is used in template-structured glossaries with the {{defn}} template to provide an explanatory hatnote for a {{term}}.


  • It must be used at the top of, i.e. inside, a {{defn}} that pertains to the {{term}}, usually at the top of the first one unless it only pertains to a specific definition.
  • It cannot be used between the {{term}} and {{defn}}, or inside {{term|content=...}}, or it will break the glossary markup.

Inline (e.g. {{Crossreference}}) or after-content (e.g. {{More}}) note templates can be used inside definitions normally. The purpose of this template is prevent the excessive indentation of hatnotes at the top of the definition.

This template is not for crossreferences to other pages, or other forms of Wikipedia self-reference. For those, use {{crossreference}}. (This template does not use the CSS class selfref.)

When used with a multi-definition term, the definition in which the {{ghat}} appears must be manually numbered (usually 1  ..., as shown in the example below).

Example[rediger kildetekst]

{{term| colour ball |colour ball {{anchor|coloured ball|coloured balls|colour|colours|color ball}}}}
{{ghat|Also '''coloured ball(s)''', '''colour(s)'''; American spelling '''color''' sometimes also used.}}
1.  In [[snooker]], any of the {{cuegloss|object ball|object balls}} that are not {{cuegloss|red ball|reds}}.
{{defn |no=2 |1=
In [[Blackball (pool)|blackball]], a generic, collective term for the red and yellow {{cuegloss||group|groups}} of object balls.
{{glossary end}}

Results in:

colour ball

Also coloured ball(s), colour(s); American spelling color sometimes also used.

1.  In snooker, any of the object balls that are not reds.
2.  In blackball, a generic, collective term for the red and yellow group of object balls.

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