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This template can be used to display the HTML character entity   (Unicode: U+2009).

Usage[redigér wikikode]

Some browsers, especially Opera version 10.62, do not display some space characters as expected. Using this template will cause   to display correctly. This web page can be used to check how Unicode space characters display in a browser window.

Examples[redigér wikikode]

{{Coord|36|34|42|N|118|17|31|W}}<ref>example</ref>36°34′42″N 118°17′31″V / 36.57833°N 118.29194°V / 36.57833; -118.29194[1]

{{Coord|36|34|42|N|118|17|31|W}}{{Thinsp}}<ref>example</ref>36°34′42″N 118°17′31″V / 36.57833°N 118.29194°V / 36.57833; -118.29194[2]

  1. ^ example
  2. ^ example

Parameter[redigér wikikode]

This template takes one parameter, which is the text to be wrapped by two thin spaces. For example:

({{thinsp|symbol}}) → (symbol)
as opposed to:
(symbol) → (symbol)

See also[redigér wikikode]