Skabelon:UEFA Euro 2016 Kval-gruppe D

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Please read before you update the table:

  1. Final score only: Most importantly, make sure the score is final. Don't update based on games that are still ongoing.
  2. Both teams: Update the record of both teams (not just the winner or the team you support).
  3. Every column: Update every column (not just Pts). Pay close attention to GF, GA, and GD (errors will be hard to detect).
  4. Correct positions: Make sure the teams are in the correct positions. In particular, make sure teams with the same number of points are ranked correctly based on the tiebreakers of the tournament.
    • The tiebreakers for this tournament is at UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying#Format.
    • For UEFA tournaments, the first tiebreaker is results in head-to-head matches (1. points; 2. goal difference; 3. goals scored; 4. away goals scored), not overall goal difference.
    • Be especially careful when three or more teams are tied on points, as the computation of their head-to-head tiebreaker is not straightforward (for example, team A have beaten team B, but team A can be ranked behind team B based on three-way tiebreaker also involving team C).
  5. Results grid: Add the score in the results grid.

If in any doubt, check with standings from the official website ( or other reliable sources.

Pos Hold K V U T M+ M- MF P Grupperesultat
1 Flag of Germany.svg Tyskland (K) 10 7 1 2 24 9 +15 22 Kvalificeret til EM i fodbold 2016
2 Flag of Poland.svg Polen (K) 10 6 3 1 33 10 +23 21
3 Flag of Ireland.svg Irland (Y) 10 5 3 2 19 7 +12 18 Kvalificeret Play-off
4 Flag of Scotland.svg Skotland (E) 10 4 3 3 22 12 +10 15
5 Flag of Georgia.svg Georgien (E) 10 3 0 7 10 16 −6 9
6 Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar (E) 10 0 0 10 2 56 −54 0
Opdateret indtil kamp(e) spillet den 11. oktober 2015. Kilde: UEFA (engelsk)
Regler for placeringsinddeling: Qualification tiebreakers
(E) Elimineret; (K) Kvalificeret til den indikerede fase; (Y) Kan ikke kvalificerer sig direkte som et af de to øverste hold, men vil stadig kunne kvalificerer sig bedste tre'er.
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