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International Writing Contest[redigér wikikode]

Hello everybody,

In Berlin at Dezember 2004 there was the critique that there is not enough connection in the work of all the different Wikipedias in their different languages. I think, that an internationally linked writing contest should be one possible chance to cooperate and work together. At March 1st there will be the start of the second writing contest in the german Wikipedia so I thought, we can start it as an international project. There had bee contests in the Wikipedia of the Netherlands nl:Wikipedia:Schrijfwedstrijd, the german Wikipedia de:Wikipedia:Schreibwettbewerb and the english one en:Wikipedia:Danny's contest and as far as I could see it, it worked really good.

I hope you will join the Contest, please visit meta:International writing contest to find out more. -- 11. jan 2005 kl. 09:48 (CET) (Achim Raschka aka Necrophorus)

Hello again, seems to be noone who is interested. I would be great, if someone can translate this message and comment the idea on meta:International writing contest. Greetings again Achim Raschka aka Necrophorus 17. jan 2005 kl. 15:13 (CET)