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Preview Wikitext edits in real time from the Editor toolbar[rediger kildetekst]

Screenshot with button highlighted

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"Realtime Preview" is now available in beta. This feature allows editors to see a live preview at the side of the wikitext editor while they edit.

Realtime Preview is a Community Wishlist Survey 2021 proposal.

How to use it

In the 2010 wikitext editor toolbar, a new button appears with the label "Preview". Clicking the button enables a side-by-side comparison showing what the published content would look like. Check out the screenshot.

Try out this feature

Go to the Beta features section of your Preferences. Ensure "Realtime Preview " is turned on while "New wikitext mode" is turned off.

If you have any feedback after using it, please share it with us at the project talkpage, or below (and @ping me please!).

Tak! Community Tech, STei (WMF) 12. okt. 2022, 21:25 (CEST)Svar[svar]