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Denne er skrivebeskyttet, da jeg ikke gider se den redigeringskrig. Bliv enige her. / This page is protected as I don't care to see the editwarring. Discuss here and find a concensus. Knud Winckelmann (diskussion) 15. nov 2013, 23:14 (CET)

Thanks,I suggested him to write in the discussions but changes the pictures without listening to anything or anyone--Σπάρτακος (diskussion) 15. nov 2013, 23:17 (CET)
Stop spamming your own photos when better images are available. Le Lapin Vert (diskussion) 15. nov 2013, 23:33 (CET)
the other images are older, you see a lot of people have not changed, have not you wondered why? we must not do so, if an image is present and no one takes it perhaps does not think like you, however you want photos of 1996 (!) ok, I'm just trying to give a more recent as possible, no one pays me no , and I do not make it, do you think, peace--Σπάρτακος (diskussion) 15. nov 2013, 23:54 (CET)
When it comes to musicians, photos from their heyday might be preferable. Your photo on this article is not the best available, even without that pink hue... Le Lapin Vert (diskussion) 16. nov 2013, 00:00 (CET)
but someone else thinks otherwise, if you turn you will see that there are photos of many musicians who are not in their heyday, but very recent,anyway,do what you prefer--Σπάρτακος (diskussion) 16. nov 2013, 00:06 (CET)