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Continental models GIF animation[redigér wikikode]

Continental models-Danish (2).gif

I'm leaving in this discussion section the Continental Models GIF animation translated to Danish in case someone sees some use for it.

It's simply a translation of the animation used in some other wikis showing different Continental Models. I wish I could say this in the Danish language, but I can't. AzunuakTarur (diskussion) 9. aug 2015, 11:52 (CEST)

Complementing with table (I'm posting here in case I get my edition undone):

Continental models-Danish.gif
4 verdensdele[1][2]
    Oceanien     Antarktis
5 verdensdele
    Afrika     Oceanien     Antarktis
5 verdensdele[3][4]
    Asien     Europa     Afrika     Oceanien
6 verdensdele[1][2]
    Asien     Europa     Afrika     Oceanien     Antarktis
7 verdensdele     Nordamerika     Sydamerika     Asien     Europa     Afrika     Oceanien     Antarktis

In case of translation problems in the animation, please tell me. AzunuakTarur (diskussion) 12. aug 2015, 10:52 (CEST)

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