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  Nålefisk-familien ?
Søhest (Hippocampus SP.)
Søhest (Hippocampus SP.)
Videnskabelig klassifikation
Rige: Animalia (Dyr)
Række: Chordata (Chordater)
Klasse: Actinopterygii
(Strålefinnede fisk)
Orden: Gasterosteiformes
Familie: Syngnathidae

Nålefisk-familien (Syngnathidae) er en familie inden for dyreriget.

Hos nogle nålefisk (bl.a. nogle søheste) er det bogstaveligt hannen som er gravid og som føder ungerne. [1]

Klassifikation[redigér | redigér wikikode]

Familie: Syngnathidae

Kilder[redigér | redigér wikikode]

  1. Texas A&M University (2008, May 2). Male Seahorses Are Nature's Mr. Mom, Researchers Say. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 2, 2008 Citat: "...After the female deposits her unfertilized eggs into the male, the outer shell of the eggs breaks down, and tissue from the male grows up around the eggs in the pouch. After fertilizing the eggs, the male closely controls the prenatal environment of the embryos in his pouch...Male pregnancy also results in a reversal in sex-related behaviors, Jones said. "Females exhibit a competitive behavior that's normally a male-type attribute, and males end up being choosy, which is normally a more female-type attribute," he said..."