Skabelon:Algebraisk notation/doc

Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

Denne skabelon anvendes i artikler, der indeholder skaktræk skrevet i algebraisk notation. Den genererer en {{side box}} for at gøre læseren opmærksom på dette og henviser via et wikilink til algebraisk notation. Markeringen kommer i tre former:

To place right, specify: {{algebraic notation}} or {{algebraic notation|pos=right}}
To place left, specify: {{algebraic notation|pos=left}}
To place adjacent to the TOC, specify: {{algebraic notation|pos=tocleft}} or {{algebraisk notation|pos=toc}} or {{algebraic notation|pos=TOC}}

To place right, specify: {{algebraic notation|pos=secright}} or {{algebraic notation|pos=section}}
To place left, specify: {{algebraic notation|pos=secleft}}

To place right, specify: {{algebraic notation|pos=egright}} or {{algebraic notation|pos=example}}
To place left, specify: {{algebraic notation|pos=egleft}}


  • Avoid using an article-level tag in a biography article. (It detracts from the lead image.) Use a section-level tag(s), or diagram-level tag(s), instead.
  • Try to place section-level tags nearest where they're needed. (For example, if a section is long and chess moves appear only in a later subsection, use the tag in the subsection.)
  • Unlike the other options, pos=tocleft and pos=toc and pos=TOC generate the template sequence:

    {{TOC left}} <br />
    {{algebraic notation|pos=left}}
    {{clear left}}

    ... so it won't always work as desired when competing images exist to the right. In that case, first isolate the competing images using the template {{stack|image1|image2}}.