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Brug[rediger kildetekst]

Grundformular med minimumsparametre for at linke til referencen (Når den bruges som en inline reference, <ref>...</ref>-tags skal tilføjes separat):

  • {{London Gazette |issue= |date= }} (For et helt Gazette)
  • {{London Gazette |issue= |date= |page= }} (for én side)
  • {{London Gazette |issue= |date= |pages= }}(for flere sider; fx 1–3, 6, 8)

Brug "city=" for at henvise til en lokal udgave. Tilføj fx Edinburgh eller Belfast Gazette til linket: {{London Gazette |issue= |date= |page= |city= }}

Brug supp til at linke til en side i et supplement til en Gazette {{London Gazette |issue= |date= |page= |supp= }}

Alle parametre, slet dem, du ikke har brug for {{London Gazette |issue= |date= |page= |pages= |supp= |display-supp= |city= |nolink= |postscript= |mode= |title= |ref= |quote=}}

Nødvendige parametre[rediger kildetekst]

Optional parameters (engelsk)[rediger kildetekst]

For use where a single page is to be referenced:

page: The page of the referenced Gazette on which the citation is found (if a page range is required see pages below)—also use this option when citing a whole issue, for example for the Birthday Honours List.

For use where a range of pages is to be referenced:

pages: first and last pages of a page range separated with an en dash: 1–12; or, comma separated list of page numbers: 1, 12; or a mix of both: 1–3, 6, 8.

For a link to the Edinburgh, Belfast Gazette or Oxford Gazette:

city: Either |city=e for Edinburgh Gazette, |city=b for Belfast Gazette or |city=o for the Oxford Gazette as the first 23 issues of the London Gazette were titled. The city names may also be spelt out in full if you prefer, e.g. |city=Edinburgh

To display the name of the Gazette without a wikilink (e.g. if there are multiple uses of the template, allow the link on the first but disable the rest):

nolink: Set |nolink=y to display the name of the Gazette without a wikilink (e.g. if there are multiple uses of the template on the same page)

The punctuation used to separate elements in the rendered citation:

mode: see en:Help:Citation Style 1#Display options. Setting |mode=cs2 changes the style to ensure consistency with Citation style 2, as produced by {{Citation}}.

To remove the final period, or change it to any other character:

postscript: Using |postscript= see en:Help:Citation Style 1#Display options — now semi-redundant, consider using |mode=.


title: see en:Help:Citation Style 1.
ref: set by default to CITEREFGazetteissue can be altered as described in en:Help:Citation Style 1#Anchors.
quote: see Help:Citation Style 1#Quote
title: defaults to "No. issue", but can be overwritten with any title (in which case "No. issue" displays elsewhere in the template). See also en:Help:Citation Style 1#Title

Specifying a supplement to a Gazette:

  • supp: To correctly format the URL to link to a Gazette supplement, set this parameter to y, or the one or two digit number of the supplement—numbers 1 to 99 are supported. Usually this will be to an unnumbered or first supplement (|supp=1). There are exceptions. See display-supp and the table.
  • display-supp: Sometimes issues and supplements at the London Gazette website aren't where they would be expected. Sometimes issues are located at a supplement URL and sometimes supplements are located at an issue URL. When this is the case, use |display-supp= with |supp= to direct the template to select the correct URL and render the correct display.