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This template lists as a wikitable row a template name and arguments, a color sample and its hex value.

{{System name colo(u)r|Line}}

Sample: White grey checkerboard.svg hexval

{{System name col(u)or|Line|Branch}}

Sample: White grey checkerboard.svg hexval

Usage[redigér wikikode]

The template itself is contained between table start and end markup:

{| class="wikitable"
{{Color template doc|system=system|line=line|branch=branch}}

The branch= argument is optional.

Example[redigér wikikode]

When used on the page Template:National Rail colour/doc, the code {{Rail color doc|system=National Rail colour|line=Eurostar}} produces

{{National Rail colour|Eurostar}} Sample:   ffd700

On the page Template:Swiss rail color/doc, the code {{Rail color doc|system=Swiss rail color|line=Lucerne S-Bahn|branch=S1}} produces

{{Swiss rail color|Lucerne S-Bahn|S1}} Sample: style="background:#Skabelon:Swiss rail color; border-top:solid 1px gray; " |   skabelon:swiss rail color

Additional information can be added by using regular wikitable markup code. Each new line following }} that starts with | will add a cell to the end of the current row. For example, on the page Template:NYCS color/doc (which uses the similar Template:Color template doc), the code

{{Color template doc|blue}}
| [[IND Eighth Avenue Line|Eighth Avenue]]
| A / C / E / Eighth


{{NYCS color|blue}} Sample:   0039a6 Eighth Avenue A / C / E / Eighth

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