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PLEASE, can someone translate this article. (I'm sorry, but don't know danish) THANK YOU! rennie

CROTRAM is croatian consortium

Fil:TMK 2200 tramway.jpg
Croatian low-floor tramway - TMK 2200
Fil:Croatian Tram. TMK 2200.jpg
Interier of TMK 2200

Consortium of three croatian companies, which produced first Croatian low-floor tramway - TMK 2200, one of the only five producers of this kind of tramways in Europe. It consists of Elektroindustrija Koncar(cro. Končar) and Gredelj, both from city of Zagreb,and Duro Dakovic(cro. Đuro Đaković) from Slavonski Brod In accordance to contract made with city of Zagreb, consortium will deliver 70 units of this hi-tech tramway untill year 2007. to ZET ( Zagreb electric tramway- public transport company). There are already some ten of TMK 2200 on the Zagreb streets, and they showed perfect performances, and great reliability, as same sa the excellent comfort as they provide, since they all have air-conditioning, ergonomic modern chairs, sophisticated wide doors, accompanied with enough space for many passengers, and user-friendly enviroment for disabled persons.

There is already very huge international interest in purchasing of TMK 2200 series tramway, from many cities in Europe and even Australia ( Warsaw, Melbourne, some cities in France, Sofia etc.). It is very important fact, that this low-floor tram. is almost entirely croatian made (over 70%, including some of the most advanced electronics, but there's emphasis on even further rising of this level). Tramway is 32 meters long, accommodate 202 passengers, and raise maximum velocity of 70km/h. In design of TMK 2200 the newest and most sophisticated solutions are applied. For example, tramway is entirely guided by synchronous computers, has axles bottom which is applied for the first time in the world, has oversight cctv cameras etc. The price of one of CROTRAM low-floor unit's is also interesting, it is lower than entitire competition (Siemens, Bombardier, Tatra etc.).

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