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Danske kommuner[redigér wikikode]

Hello all. I really hope you can understand english. I'm a portuguese user that noticed you have mapped all the danish komuner (? :). We at wp:pt are trying to consistently map them either, although we have to cross the information between .en, .da and .no, because I don't understand anything from the last two, and since .en is too poor on information. So I'm asking you all if you can provide me links to a compilation of relevant data, as demografy, geography, historical, etc in english from where to extract the data. Please translate this message and contact me on my PT page if you can help me out. Best wishes to this community. Nuno Tavares 8. jun 2005 kl. 01:40 (CEST)

You can find statistical data on all Danish Municipalities ("kommuner") - and many other things related to Denmark - at StatBank Denmark. Click on the English flag to get the text in English. The statistical data are free to use if you mention the source. (See the "General terms" at the bottom their English frontpage).
The Danish Ministry of the Interior (again click on their English flag) also have some information on municipalities and counties available. Hope this helps. Byrial 8. jun 2005 kl. 08:17 (CEST)