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International countryrock band from the 1970's based in Denmark, including members that would go on to form the core of several better known local rock bands. Buffalo was formed in 1969 as "Free the Buffalo" which in 1974 was changed to "Buffalo". By 1975 the band included René Evald, Henrik Littauer, Peter Viskinde, Preben Feddersen, Scottish Frank McKay and US-born singer Steve Rosenthal. The epithet "The Original Music band" was an icon put on a sticker in 1975 which was also printet on the inner label of the first album. Buffalo were inspired by "The Flying Burrito Brothers", "Allman Brothers" and "The Byrds".

After recording the self-titled debut album for the Danish Hookfarm label in 1975, McKay left and was replaced by Søren Engel. He and Feddersen would leave in 1976 to play with Billy Cross. They were substituted by German Dietmar Schmidt, Gene Sarazen from Texas and Bent Malinovsky. In 1977 this line-up recorded the "Shut up'n Play"-album , released in Germany as "Rockin' Country Music. Additional musicians were Palle Mikkelborg and Anders Gaardmand. Following this Viskinde left for Hvalsøspillemændene. In 1979 the album "Back On The Trail" was released, with Evald and Littauer plus Børge "Biceps" Jensen, lead vocals, Teddy Kelm, drums and Lars Kampmann, bass. The style and members changed to more Outlaws-type of music on "Shut Up'n Play" and further to influences from Little Feat and Steely Dan on "Back On The Trail".

“This is one of the best things that has happened to Danish rock music for ages” was the reaction from the most influential Danish rock journalist Torben Bille to the album, “Buffalo”, released in May 1975. Buffalo, at that time, was the first Danish country-rock group and one of the only ones in continental Europe. They had been a popular live band for some time with a mixed repertoire of their own songs and American classics when they went into studio January/February 1975 to record “Buffalo”. This and their following two albums introduced mainly original songs by the group – always with a very personal expression but strongly rooted in American country-rock.

Famous later artists from Denmark as Malurt, Big Fat Snake, CV Jørgensen, Delta Cross Band, Van Dango, Doraz, Evald & Littauer and Big Mama all have roots in Buffalo.

In 2015 three CD's were released with old Buffalo material: 1. Buffalo - The Original Music Band 1975-1979, containing the 13 most important tracks from the thre albums. 2. Hookfarm - Singler & Outtakes, containing a the single "Powerful Illusions/Escape" from the album "Buffalo", an unreleased version of "Six Days On The Road" and an unreleased version of "One More Day" by Peter Viskinde, produced in 1975 by Billy Cross with Niels Harrit on saxophone. 3. Hookfarm Julepladen with the track "What Kitty Needs" from 1976 by Gene Sarazen.