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Luftfart Denne artikel, kategori eller skabelon er en del af WikiProjekt Luftfart, et forsøg på at koordinere oprettelsen af luftfart-relaterede artikler på Wikipedia. Hvis du er interesseret kan du redigere artiklen som denne skabelon sidder på eller besøge projektsiden, hvor du kan deltage i projektet.

Why would you revert a factual statement?

Currently, Naviair, are having serious problems with staffing, and are as of 2006-12-19 terminating their education of air traffic controllers. The reason stated is to free personnel involved in education to fill the need. Currently this affects 16 ATC students in training, whose education is now effectively terminated. Several of those students have been waiting for courses to start for several years. This is believed to be a breach of contract (yet to be determined) which will likely cause ripple effects among ATC students and unions in the region. (Translation needed)

I'm sorry that I can't present the article in danish. However IMO this is relevant information for those who seek information about Naviair.

If you feel that you can disprove my statement, contact me at htsigololv@yahoo.se and I will send you a copy of the documents produced by Naviair related to this issue.

Whoever reverted this addition, please respond.

This is a Danish language encyclopedia; don't add content to our articles in any other language. Simple as that. You are of course welcome to request translations here as you've done now. - Kåre Thor Olsen (Kaare) 19. dec 2006 kl. 20:36 (CET)