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This is a picture of a human fetus at 20 weeks' gestational age (i.e. 18 weeks after fertilization). A color version of this image is available at Wikimedia See larger version at 3D Pregnancy. A rotatable 3D version of this photo is available here, and a sketch is available here. The company behind is Tribal Internet Projects, a Dutch-based publisher of family websites. was launched in 2007.[1]

This particular picture was drawn by Melchior Meijer who is a 3D artist. He and used various resources to produce the illustration, including books, DVD's and websites to verify how a fetus looks at this stage of development. Some of the resources relied upon were as follows:

A Child is Born (A book by Lennart Nilsson)

In the Womb (DVD)

In the Womb (Book) (Website)

Other sources for assessment of accuracy

When comparing this image to other images, it should be kept in mind that this stage of development is often referenced using different numerical descriptions. This is an approximate drawing of a fetus 18 weeks after fertilization, i.e. at the beginning of the 19th week after fertilization. This is equivalent to a gestational age of about 20 weeks, i.e. at the beginning of the 21st week of gestational age. This drawing can be compared to other online images of a fetus at approximately the same stage of development, including the following images:

(1) Photograph of fetus during 18th week after fertilization, from Thomas W. Sadler, Langman's Medical Embryology, page 92 (2006) via Google Books;
(2) Motion-picture 4D ultrasound of fetus at 19 weeks after fertilization, from the Endowment for Human Development;
(3) Drawing of fetus at 20 weeks’ gestational age, from which has a medical review board;
(4) Drawing of fetus at 20 weeks' gestational age, from Michigan Department of Community Health.
Note that during week 11 of gestational age, the eyelids fuse and remain fused until week 24. See Michele Isaacs Gliksman, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, p. 113 (2004).

Details about donation of image

The owners of this image donated it to Wikimedia. The original version that the owners donated had a watermark which has subsequently been removed according to Wikimedia policy. See here. The present image (without watermark) was donated by Wouter Vergeer <> on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 on behalf of Mr. Vergeer stated in an email to Ferrylodge on that date:

For now we are only willing to share these four 3D pictures under the CC-SY-BA license. Lets first see how this goes before we decide to share more or, perhaps in the future, all our works....I noticed you changed the picture and removed the CC-SY-BA notification. Which is fine by us. We just added them to make sure everybody saw they were released under CC-SY-BA license and nobody would delete them. We did notice, however that the quality of the images has decreased

quite a lot due to the cropping. I enclosed new versions of the images at better quality with this email. Would you be so kind to upload these? Or should we do this? The company behind is Tribal Internet Projects. We are Dutch based publisher of family websites. We are working on a corporate website containing more company information. If you have any more questions, please let me know. And thank you for your involvement. With kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,

Wouter Vergeer Managing Director

Tribal Internet Projects BV Larenweg 24 5234 KA 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands

Toll Free form U.S. and Canada: 1-888-766-5577 Tel.: +31 (0)73 6158113 (NEW NUMBER) Fax.: +31 (0)73 6124756 Internet: E-mail:

This image is now licensed under a "free" license.

This image was converted to black and white, in response to some objections here. The staff of 3D Pregnancy was notified, and provided the following reply (at Mon, 7 Jan 2008 10:55:23):

Thank you for notifying me. The black and white version as currently online, are fine! Thnx for the change. With kind regards, Wouter.

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11:59, 28 August 2007 3dpregnancy (Talk | contribs) 120×120 10 KB Fetus at 20 weeks pregnant. (Fetus is 18 weeks old)

This image has already been uploaded to Wikipedia, and it was recommended to upload it instead to Wikimedia Commons.

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21:19, 5 February 2008 Andrew c (diskussion · bidrag) 120×120 14 KB Reverted to version as of 20:11, 5 January 2008 I request that my work not be used anymore. DO NOT USE MY WORK. Thanks!
20:11, 5 January 2008 Ferrylodge (diskussion · bidrag) 120×120 14 KB This is merely an edited version of image already uploaded. It has been edited primarily to convert from color to black and white.
14:41, 29 August 2007 Ferrylodge (diskussion · bidrag) 120×120 5 KB {{cc-by-sa-2.5,2.0,1.0}} Uploading same pic but with higher quality.
03:53, 29 August 2007 Ferrylodge (diskussion · bidrag) 120×114 2 KB {{cc-by-sa-2.5,2.0,1.0}} This is merely a cropped version of the image originally uploaded, in order to remove the watermark.
01:27, 29 August 2007 Ferrylodge (diskussion · bidrag) 120×120 10 KB {{cc-by-sa-2.5,2.0,1.0}} This image has already been uploaded to Wikipedia, and it was recommended to upload it instead to Wikimedia Commons. See here: This is a picture of a human fetus at 20 we


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nuværende11. feb 2008, 13:30Thumbnail af versionen fra 11. feb 2008, 13:30120 × 120 (10 KB)Escondites{{cc-by-sa-2.5,2.0,1.0}} ==Summary== This is a picture of a human fetus at 20 weeks' gestational age (i.e. 4 weeks after fertilization). A color version of this image is available at Wikimedia [

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