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– This template is for trimming whitespace from strings, for the maintenance tag for images, see {{trimming}}

This template trims whitespace from a string. The string should be passed as the first unnamed parameter. You may substitute this template - that is, if used as Skabelon:Tlxs, the resulting wikicode is "clean".

Usage[redigér wikikode]

{{trim|text}} = text with any leading or trailing whitespace removed.

Example[redigér wikikode]

  • {{trim| abc}} produces abc.

Template data[redigér wikikode]

The template trims whitespace from a string.

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Status
Alpha-numeric text string

The string to be trimmed of whitespace

Auto value
string required

See also[redigér wikikode]

Skabelon:Navbox string handling templates