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* [ The Ogham Alphabet with variant names of the letters, and names of the associated plants]
* [ Every Ogham Thing on the Web]
* [ Celtic Ogham] - by Curtis Clark
* [ Cult Archaeology Strikes Again: A Case for Pre-Columbian Irishmen in the Mountain State? By W. Hunter Lesser. West Virginia Archeologist Volume 35, Number 2. 1983 WV Archeology Society] Citat: "...the only accepted case of pre-Columbian European contact in North America is the Norse site of [[L'Anse aux Meadows]] in northern [[Newfoundland]], dated about A.D. [[1000]]. Most significantly, there is not a single case of European artifacts dating from pre-Norse times, despite the tremendous amount of archeological work done on this continent (Goddard and Fitzhugh 1978: 9; Morison 1971)...."
** Kontroversiel (omfattende): [ European bronze age visitors in America]