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== Dialekter ==
Lurisk har fem dialekter inde: feyli<ref name="Najm S. Mehdi 2001">Najm S. Mehdi, ''al-Fayli'', Stockholm 2001.</ref><ref name="">M. Jafar, [ Fayli Kurds and Their Role in the Iraqi Kurdish National Movement]</ref><ref name="">{{cite web|last=Black-Michaud|first= J.|year= 1974|title=An Ethnographic and Ecological Survey of Luristan, Western Persia: Modernization in a Nomadic Pastoral Society|series=Middle Eastern Studies|volume=10(2)|pages=210–228|url=}}</ref><ref name="Shoup, J.A 2011. p.177">Shoup, J.A (2011) ''Ethnic Groups of Africa and the Middle East: An Encyclopedia''. ABC-CLIO, Incorporated. p.177</ref>, laki<ref name="B. Grimes 1996 p. 677">B. Grimes (ed.), "Luri", in ''Ethnologue'' (13th edition) (Dallas, 1996), p. 677; M. Ruhlen, ''A Guide to the World's Languages''(Stanford, 1991), p. 327.</ref><ref name="Farhang-e Laki 1978">H. Izadpan¯ah, Farhang-e Laki ''Lexicon of Laki'' (in Persian; Tehran, 1978).</ref><ref name="ReferenceB">Sengupta et al. "Polarity and Temporality of High-Resolution Y-Chromosome Distributions in India Identify Both Indigenous and Exogenous Expansions and Reveal Minor Genetic Influence of Central Asian Pastoralists." AJHG 78; 2. 2006</ref><ref name="Farhang-e Lori 1964">H. Izadpan¯ah, Farhang-e Lori "Lexicon of Luri] (Tehran, 1964).</ref>, khorramabadi, bakhtiari<ref name="Erik John Anonby 2003 pp 171-197">Erik John Anonby (2003). Update on Luri: How many languages?. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Third Series), 13, pp 171-197. doi:10.1017/S1356186303003067.</ref><ref name="R. Fazel 1984">G. R. Fazel, "Lur", in ''Muslim Peoples: A World Ethnographic Survey'', ed. R. V. Weekes (Westport, 1984), pp. 446–447</ref> og den sydlige lurisk.<ref name="Erik John Anonby 2003 pp 171-197"/><ref name="R. Fazel 1984"/>