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Valid for nomination?[rediger kildetekst]

I am not sure which monuments are valid for nomination. Do the lists that can be found through Fredede fortidsminder i Danmark contain all eligible monuments?
Alternatively I started to search with the maps at There are monuments with a BRR number like [1] that can be used in the template {{Fredet bygning|101-574857-1}} on Commons like I did here File:Kvæsthusgraven_København_2019_08_04_d.jpg. I hope that's alright for WLM in Denmark.
But what about monuments listed there that do not have a BRR number like [2]? --Tsui (diskussion) 22. sep 2019, 17:26 (CEST)
Additional question: Buildings like the Marmorkirken for which I could find no entry in the list are not part of WML? --Tsui (diskussion) 22. sep 2019, 17:37 (CEST)

  • Apologies for not replying sooner, Tsui. The lists are not completely up-to-date and we didn't get new lists in time for WLM 2019. That is fantastic that you found the solution on, because that is indeed the hard work you must do when the lists don't include what you need. I think your photo is OK, but I am checking with the international team to be sure it is OK. Marmorkirken IS valid, but again, you must apply the category manually, that is, the category {{Wiki Loves Monuments 2019|dk}} like you have on the photo you mention here. You can see its webpage here: with its BBR number: 101-154734-1. The item without a BBR number is not considered a monument according to the definition from the authority at It is a statue, and - for better or worse - they are not counted as monuments. I hope this helps. Twdk (diskussion) 27. sep 2019, 23:48 (CEST)

Konkurrencedeltagelse med eksisterende billede[rediger kildetekst]

Jeg har netop lagt et billede op til brug på Wikipedia. Nu vil jeg gerne deltage i konkurrencen med dette billede, men bliver forhindret af, at det allerede er lagt op. AstroOgier (diskussion) 26. sep 2019, 15:43 (CEST)

Jeg har nu tilføjet det til commons:Category:Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Denmark, håber det er nok men er ikke sikker. --Villy Fink Isaksen (diskussion) 26. sep 2019, 21:42 (CEST)
Jeg har også rettet dine to fotos af Anholt Fyr, så de nu også deltager i konkurrencen. --Villy Fink Isaksen (diskussion) 26. sep 2019, 22:04 (CEST)
Mange tak, så slipper jeg jo for at gøre der selv! -- AstroOgier (diskussion) 27. sep 2019, 15:13 (CEST)