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(Mærkelig) mail fra Simple English Wikipedia[redigér wikikode]

Hej folkens.

Jeg har i forgårs modtaget nedenstående mail fra User:Fdariafa på Simple English Wikipedia:


hi, this is the job for you and now its your chance to use your rollbacker and patroller duties, also you allowed others to email you for a purpose... if you are afraid just get somebody u know on your side, do not contact simple administrators as they are supreme wikiscum; member of our family, his privacy is greatly violated time and time again, damages are irreversible; somebody tried to fix this long term problem and it was reverted back, they have no right to do that, what does last name contribute to talk and why to keep it? wikiscum eternal is doing this on purpose to intimidate our family, it was done on purpose by antandrus and vermont; they even USE POLICE AS SCARE TACTICS against us and wmf does not care but some day it will... this proves wiki-pedo-ia is wikioccult of wikignorance !!! you can fix this, reply to me directly via email if you have any questions, also when you revert just repeat the same reasons larosvetitelj did, blatant privacy violations; this is causing real life problems to many! we tried to reason with wmf and oversighters, stewards, etc to revert this and other blatant privacy violations, all to no avail, this is not going unchallenged! the good you do will come back to you in its time, same for evil and ignorance of evil as is in this case!if it gets reverted, again repeat the reason and use wmf and twitter privacy links larosvietitelj gave for his reasons to revert! on antandrus and vermont talk pages, simply do the right thing, revert to larosvetitelj's version, thus getting rid of last name and content remains same; this is very simple job! i await confirmation job has been completed!

sincerely/seriously: gracy mary

-- This email was sent by Fdariafa to Christian Giersing by the "Email this user" function at Wikipedia. If you reply to this email, your email will be sent directly to the original sender, revealing your email address to them. To manage email preferences for user ‪Fdariafa‬ please visit <>.


Hvad i alverden er meningen med den? Er der nogle af jer andre der har oplevet det samme?

Hilsen Christian Giersing [ disk // bidrag // e-mail ] 1. dec 2020, 07:38 (CET)

Tjaah det ligner en bruger, der er blevet sur over en administrator, men ikke har kunnet komme videre med sin utilfredshed over administratoreren ad de officiele kanaler. Det er ikke til at vide, hvad der er op og ned, men siden brugeren ikke har mødt samme holdnign ad officiel vej, så vil jeg blot ignorere mailen. Mvh. Asger (diskussion • bidrag • e-mail) 2. dec 2020, 11:38 (CET)

@Asger: Tusind tak, det vil jeg hermed gøre. Christian Giersing [ disk // bidrag // e-mail ] 4. dec 2020, 10:05 (CET)